Children's Books

The Animals' Big Concert

Children's ABC Book animals and instruments
Children's ABC book, animals and instruments
Children's ABC book, animals and instruments

Beetles, Bubbles, Bees, How Many Do You See?

children's number book
childre's number book, beetles and balloons
children's number book

True Tales of Daring Dogs

Children's Book cover - dog swimming in sea
Children's book about famous dogs - Laika
Children's book on famous dogs - Laika
Children's Book about Dogs
Children's Book about Dogs
Children's Book on famous dogs  - explorer dogs

A Story Retold

Illustrationfor Children's book - animals on island
Illustration for Children's book - Hot Air Balloon

Picture Books


Discoveries and Code Cracking

Book Cover - Map and Virus
gladys west - book illustration
Alice Ball book on scientists
jennifer doudna -book illustration
The Bird Hat Campaign book illustration
Endpaper - Virus

Sweets and Treats

Illustration for recipe book - Meringues
Illustration for recipe book - Chocolate chilli orange tart
Illustration for recipe book - Vanilla Cake
Illustration for recipe book - Red Velvet Cake
passion fruit cake recipe in book
icecream on plate digital illustration
Ice Cream drawing

Book Cover Design


Charlotte Perkins Gilman Book Cover Box Set

Illustration for Herland book cover
Illustrated book cover - Herland
Illustration for The Yellow Wallpaper Book Cover
The Yellow Wallpaper Book cover illustration
book cover box set
Orange Tree illustration, book cover painting
Slip cover Illustration for books


Illustration for Graphic Novel - Toilet Paper Hoarding During Lockdown
Illustration of Baking in Lockdown for graphic novel
comic - lockdown
Illustration for graphic novel family barbecue

Poems and Rhymes

cat nursery rhyme
sloth bear porm
famous for what 2.jpg